I created this web for those that interest or learn about computer, mobile phones, internet etc. ZamaniWeb blog

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Published July 6, 2020. 1:44pm. By BnHamid. Under Search

Type a keyword: English To Hausa Hausa To English

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Ask Questions & Get Your Answer Against what this Page Looking for!.

Published July 2, 2020. 1:27am. By BnHamid. Under Hasan

You have a questions in your mind? WhatsApp me with +2349065072283 to get your answer! And if you need to post your answer in this web i'll do that in fast.

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Published July 2, 2020. 1:17am. By BnHamid. Under Hasan

First lesson about 'Create Your Applicatios' with javascript only, will start soon. I opened youtube channel for further undestanding the lesson! Follow me on twitter to get the youtube link in my bio!. Twitter @hasan_ab_

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Published June 25, 2020. 5:18pm. By BnHamid. Under Hasan

بثم ألله ألرحمن ألرحيم.‏‎ My birth Name is HASSAN ABDULHAMID. I was born in Katsina, Katsina state NG. in 199... I attend NASARAWA ABBATUWA primay school From 2004-2010. Now i'm Graduated at Gsss Kankara, Class of 2017. still i'm Learner Student studying (Computer-Biology)...

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Live in Katsina state. Follow my social link for more info about me.

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